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Drivers who are convicted of moving traffic violations and/or who cause accidents will be charged higher premiums in accordance with their driving records. This is why it is important to consult with a local attorney to discuss your options.  If you simply pay off your traffic ticket you may face years of insurance increases and even the possibility of losing your license.  I offer free initial consultations, affordable fees and payment plans.  In many instances I am able to handle my clients cases with out them having to be present in court.

traffic tickets.

Being charged with a DWI can be a frightening experience, and rightfully so. A DWI conviction carries serious consequences and can impact a person’s life for years to come.  Knowing what to expect once in court and how the court will sentence a DWI case can make a stressful situation a bit more tolerable. You need an attorney that can help you get the best result.  


Driving with a revoked license (DWLR)  is a serious offense. DWLR convictions will lead to large fines, potential jail time, and will further complicate a driver's ability to obtain a license.  One conviction of DWLR will lead to a one year suspension of license while multiple convictions can lead to a permanent suspension.


Though this charge has serious consequences most drivers do not know that one or two steps can resolve the suspension, allowing the driver to regain his or her license, which can lead to a favorable outcome of criminal charge.


People charged with misdemeanors or felonies need an attorney that can help them through a very difficult and confusion process.  Misdemeanor or felony convictions can have a lasting effect on a person.  Convictions carry large fines and potential jail times.  Felony convictions will lead to the loss of a persons rights, such as voting and owning a fire arm.



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